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Ayyavazhi photo gallery | ayyavazhi love making sites | ayyavazhi sujibala new movies | ayyavazhi live pictures

Tamil Actress sujibala newfilm ayyavazhi review and photo gallery

Actress Sujibala will play the role of a village dhobi girl. Whats special about this role is that she will wear a saree without a blouse in the film - Ayyavazhi. The film is based on the life story of social reformist Vaigundaswamy. stills, ayyavazhi gallery , ayyavazhi photos , ayyavazhi wallpapers, ayyavazhi movie , ayyavazhi images, ayyavazhi film,ayyavazhi mp3, ayyavazhi songs, ayyavazhi trailers, ayyavazhi movie download, ayyavazhi music free download, ayyavazhi ringtones, ayyavazhi stories, ayyavazhi filmography

Vaigundaswamy was one of the brave people who protested against the injustice meted out to women in society in the 18th century. It was nearly 175 years ago that a king ruled the southern part of Tamilnadu who levied tax on a women’s breast and on a mans mustache. At the time, nobody questioned his actions. Vaigundaswamy stood out and questioned this injustice. He fought to bring the women of that generation the justice due to them in society.

Now there are thousands of temples erected in honour of Vaigundaswamy. He has lakhs of followers in the South Tamilnadu. His followers have a separate identity, which they mark by wearing a turban and also by putting a single red mark on their head. They follow a religion based on his principles, which is called Ayyavazhi.

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P.C.Anbazhgan, the director of Tamil film Kamaraj, is behind a plan to make a film based on the life of Vaigundaswamy and the film will be aptly titled Ayyavazhi. A debutante actor, Raja, will play the role of Vaigundaswamy aka Vaigundar.

Sujibala is playing the female lead role. Since it is a period Tamil film, Suji will appear in a saree without a blouse in most of the scenes. She is playing the character of a dhobi worker. Wellknown writer Ponneelan will play the very crucial role of the writing the script for Ayyavazhi.

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The latest to join the list is Nanjil P C Anbazhagan who has written, directed and produced the movie Ayya Vazhi. The movie focusses on the life and times of Vaikuntasamy, who helped people break the shackles of bondage and live with self respect.

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Jayanthi Jayapradha Jayasudha Jaymala Jeni Patel Jennifer Kotwal Jharana Bajracharya Jiah Khan Joanna Lumley Juhi Chawla Julie Christie Jyothika Jyothirmayi KKajol Kalpana Kamini Kaushal Kangana Ranaut Kanika Kareena Kapoor Karisma Kapoor Katrina Kaif Kausalya Kavya Madhavan Khursheed Kushboo Kim Kimi Katkar Kim Sharma Kiran Rathod Kirron Kher Kirat Bhattal Konkona Sen Sharma Kashmira Shah LLalita Lara Dutta Laxmi Lesliey Iconn Tripathi Leela Chitnis Leelavathi

The movie features Raja, Sanjay, Sujibala, Chittibabu, Babylona and Seergali Sivachidambaram among others. The music for the movie, which has 10 new songs in it, has been composed by debutant Baghavathy Sivanesan. The film is to be released on the June 27, 2008.

One special aspect of the film is that Annadanam is to be held on the day of the movie’s release in theatres of the southern districts, where the movie is to be screened.

ayutham seivom sundarc new movie stills | ayutham seyvom anjali katrathu tamil heroine gallery | anjali clips | anjali pictures| sundarc latest movies

ayutham seyvom review and sundarc latest movie updates

First thing first: It is normal masala movie. It used Gandhigiri as pickle. But message is good and strong.

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Sundar C is a small street rowdy - Saidai Sathya. Lawyer Udyamoorthy (Vijayakumar) finds sathya blocking the way by sleeping in a car center of a road. Vivek, a traffic constable & friend of sathya, supports sathya in the incident.

So, udayamoorthy put a petite court case in which satya & Vivek gets verdict to stay in Gandhi Museum 15 days term. Though it doesn't change them completely but they gets introduced to Gandhi principles.

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Sathya does small rowdism with udayakumar in order to get a 'confidential' file for ex-minister VRB (Manivannan). Unfortunately, udyakumar dies in the incident. But udayakumar's death (and his final words Vazhgha Valamudan!) makes sleepless nights to sathya.

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Now sathya follows ahimsa way to make VRB surrender on his own. Heroine Anjali is used just for few love sequence. All songs are Kuttu songs and music nothing new.

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Cast: Sundar .C, Anjali, Vivek, Napoleon, Nazer, Vijayakumar, Suganya, Manivannan, G.M. Kumar, Ponnambalam
Direction: Udhayan
Production: Pyramid Saimira Production
Music: Srikanth Deva

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ayiram nilavae vaa Movie gallery | Kollywood movie ayiram nilavae vaa | Tamil cinema ayiram nilavae vaa stills | ayiram nilavae vaa pictures and songs

Latest All new faces acting in ayiram nilavae vaa film review and Photos

The film is directed by Parthi Bhaskar of 'Pambarakannale' fame. Ilayaraja's elder brother RD Bhaskar's son Hari Bhaskar makes his debut as hero. Till date, we have seen directors, music composers and singers emerge from Isaignani's family. This is the first time, we see Ilayaraja's family member enter films as a hero.

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The film will be based on what will charm young hearts. Cinematography is by Sekhar V Joseph. He has done camera work for successful films like 'Chandramukhi,' 'Sivaji' and 'Paramasivam.' Music is by Srikant Deva, editing by G Sasikumar, art by D Santhanam, dance by Dinesh, Kalyan, Shobi and Saravanarajan, lyrics by Piraisudan, Kapilan, Vijayasagar and Parthi Bhaskar. V Devaraju produces this film at great expense.

Radharavi appears in an important role. Hunt is on for heroine and other actors and technicians. The film takes off on coming 27th with a song sequence. Shooting starts in June and will take place in Courtallam, Tenkasi and other places. Two songs are to shot abroad.
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Selvaraghavan-Dhanush and M Raja-Jayam Ravi are two successful brothers combo. Let's see if Parthi Bhaskar-Hari Bhaskar prove as successful!

Amrita, an actress from Kannada, is all set to invade Kollywood through Parthi Bhaskar's second film Aayiram Nilave Vaa.
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She is the only daughter of Kannada music director Ricky Dicorder, who had an association with Tamil musician Deva for more than 10 years. Her debut film in Kannada was Vidhyarthi. She then went on to do films like Chanakya and Deepthi. Now, she is going to act with director Parthi's younger brother Hari Bhaskar in her debut Tamil film. Srikanth Deva, brother-in-law of the director will set the tunes for the film.
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"I'm not a new face to Chennai. My family resided here for more than 10 years. I know the language very fluently. Since my father is closely related to this field, my interest in acting started right from my school days. Director Parthi Bhaskar is also my family friend. I'm proud to enter in Tamil cinema. At present, I'm doing a Telugu film too and its shooting is going to complete soon. After this film, my concentration will be in Tamil only. I'm sure that I will get a place in Tamil like Khushboo and Simran," said Amrita after the pooja of Aayiram Nilave Vaa.

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Cast: Hari Bhaskar, Amirtha
Direction: Parthi Bhaskar
Music: Srikanth Deva

Surya Wonderful Making Upcoming Movie Ayan Photo Gallery | Ayan surya stills | Surya body building Ayan Movie | Ayan story script | Ayan songs free

Tamil Girls liking star Surya Latest Movie Ayan review

AVM Productions’ next venture is titled “Ayan”. The launch of Suriya’s next film, Ayan, at the AC floor in AVM Studios on March 24, 2008.

Ayan stars Suriya and Tamanna in the lead roles with a supporting cast Prabhu, Jagan and Karunas. Music for the film Ayan is by Harris Jayaraj.

Harris Jayaraj scores the music for the first time for an AVM film. Ayan directed by cinematographer-turned-director K.V. Anand.

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M. Saravanan and M.S. Guhan will produce the film under the AVM banner. “Ayan” refers to Lord Muruga. The film is based on the concept that Lord Muruga reincarnates and vanquishes evil forces whenever necessary. Ayan shooting will be start once Suriya completes his his current project Vaaranamaayiram.
Ayan Photogallery

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Cast: Surya, Prabhu, Tamanna
Direction: K.V. Anand
Production: M. Saravanan, M.S. Guhan, Aruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan
Music: Harris Jeyaraj

aruvadai arjun mamooty new film | aruvadai arjun new gallery | aruvadai sneha pictures | aruvadai sneha new cinema photos | aruvadai mamooty tamil

Tamil film Two Mass Heroes Arjun and Mamooty in aruvadai photo stills and review

Malayalam actor Mammootty returns to Tamil films after a hiatus, in ‘Aruvadai’. He will play a CBI officer, and his co-stars will be Arjun and Sneha. The film is to be produced by Henry for Pankaj Productions.

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It seems to be a packed calendar for Arjun this part of the year, with ‘Bommallatam’ and ‘Marudamalai’ also set to hit screens soon. Another hero Jai Akash will also make a special appearance in the movie.

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After playing some unconventional roles, Sneha is doing the role of an Air Force officer. “I have done a variety of roles, but for the first time I am acting as pilot. I like the role very much, particularly to dress in white. I know that I can do justice to the role.”

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Producer Henry has written the screenplay for the first time. He says that the film will portray an innovative way of ending poverty. “This film brings out the concept in the best possible way.”

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The film has been shot in Chennai, Kochi, Marthandam, Thengapattinam and Ilayankudi. The music for the film has been scored by Vidyasagar, and the film is being directed by Aravind.

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Vidyasagar is the music director and Rajesh Yadav the cameraman. Lyrics are by Vairamuthu, Pa. Vijay and Yugabharathi. The film is being shot in Chennai, Cochin, Marthandam and Kanyakumari.

Vijayakanth 150th film Arasangam Hit shows | arasangam silver jupilee | arasangam photo session | arasangam new photo stills | arasangam pictures

Tamil Captain vijayakanth last film arasangam hit review

Congrats Captain Vijayakanth for coming up with a good show in his milestone movie. ‘Arasangam’, the 150th film of Vijayakanth, directed by Madhesh is a whiff of fresh air in Tamil cinema which is full of with commercial pot-boilers. Vijayakanth in the company of Madesh has come out with a thriller which is sure to delight not only his fans but also audience of all sections.

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Quite unlike other Vijayakanth movies, ‘Arasangam’ has no punch line dialogues from Vijayakanth, no big song heaping laurels on the hero or clichĂ©d comedy sequences. Madesh has struck to the basics of making an engrossing thriller and succeeds in his attempt.

Though Vijayakanth has donned Khakhi in several films before, in ‘Arasangam’ he plays an instructor in a police training college where in he is brawny as well as brainy. He lends solidity to his role and underplays. He deserves a pat for not tempting to overdo his role.

He unfolds the mystery behind the missing of his colleague cum brother-in-law Manoj (Biju Menon). The screen presence of Vijayakanth as a police officer is set to leave you spellbound.

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Navneet Kaur, who plays the wife of Vijayakanth, has no big role to perform, while Sheryl Brindo lends a helping hand to the film. However, the real show- stealer is Biju Menon, who springs a surprise in two different roles.

In a nutshell, the movie is about Arivarasu (Vijayakanth), who leaves for Canada to solve the mystery and he is shocked to find a master plan by an international terrorist gang to kill all the intellectuals in India as part of their plot to check the country's growth.

How he saves the country with the help of Canadian police officer Lara (Sheryl Brindo) forms the crux of the film.

A pet theme of Vijayakanth and hence he enjoys every part of the film. He is at his ease all through the scene. Especially in the stunt sequences, Captain walks away with applause.

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Srikanth Deva's brisk background score adds pep to the film.

All credit to Madesh, who has shown care in every frame to ensure that ‘Arasangam’ is different from the routinue Vijayakanth films.

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The suspense and drama elements in ‘Arasangam’ are sure to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

For those who enjoy suspense thrillers, ‘Arasangam’ is the right destination.

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Vijayakanth Arasangam Gallery here

Anthony yaar photo gallery | Anthony yaar mallika kapoor stills | Anthony yaar shyam new cinema pictures | Anthony yaar photo session | Anthony yaar

Latest Shyam new film Anthony yaar photo gallery

Anthony Yaar? by director C.T. Pandi. Produced by Vijaykumar for Annam Film International, the shooting for Anthony Yaar? starts few weeks before. The cameraman is Santonia and the man behind the music is Dheena.

anthony-yaar gallery , anthony-yaar photos , anthony-yaar wallpapers, anthony-yaar movie , anthony-yaar images, anthony-yaar film,anthony-yaar mp3, anthony-yaar songs, anthony-yaar trailers, anthony-yaar movie download, anthony-yaar music free download, anthony-yaar ringtones, anthony-yaar stories

Shaam has three movies in hand right now K.S. Adhiyaman’s Thoondil with Sandya and D.T. Vendhan’s Inba with Sneha. The third is Anthony Yaar?

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Shaam’s last movie was Manathodu Mazhaikalam that came and went without much noise, in spite of some great scores by Karthik Raja.

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Anthony yaar Photo Collections

anthony-yaar music director, anthony-yaar producer, anthony-yaar friends, anthony-yaar biography, anthony-yaar news update, anthony-yaar theater,anthony-yaar shooting spot, anthony-yaar photo gallery

anthony-yaar film city,anthony-yaar saree collections , anthony-yaar costume, anthony-yaar tv actress, anthony-yaar advertisements , anthony-yaar

Cast: Shaam, Mallika Kapoor

Direction: C.T. Pandi

Production: Vijaykumar

Camera: Santonia

Banner: Annam Film International

Music: Dheena

Ammuvaaghiya Naan Photo gallery | Parthiban bharathi in ammuvaaghiya Naan stills | ammuvaaghiya Naan bharathi glamour gallery | Bharathi cute pictures

Tamil cinema ammuvaaghiya naan photo gallery and review of the film

Ammuvaaghiya Naan has been in the news for several months as this was one of the movies whose release was delayed due to Sivaji. The film did not in anyway disappoint the impressive trailer which was released some time back and delves deep into the life of a commercial sex worker.

The movie is about Bharathi who lives and grows among sex workers, after her drunkard father, a rickshaw driver sells her to them for a paltry sum.

ammuvaaghiya-naa gallery , ammuvaaghiya-naa photos , ammuvaaghiya-naa wallpapers, ammuvaaghiya-naa movie , ammuvaaghiya-naa images, ammuvaaghiya-naa film,ammuvaaghiya-naa mp3, ammuvaaghiya-naa songs, ammuvaaghiya-naa trailers
She finds love and affection in the most unlikely place and grows up to be one among them. Her very first customer is a popular literary figure, Mahadevan. Due to his sadistic approach towards her, others in the house save the girl and ridicules Mahadevan.

Many years pass by and Bharathi has turned into a young and beautiful woman now and is the most sought after in the house. Enter Parthiban a famous writer, whose last two books missed the National award by a whisker.

As he is keen to write a story on a sex worker, he enters this house and is totally taken aback by the character of Bharathi and falls for her.

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Parthiban asks her hand in marriage and after a lot of apprehensions, she agrees to his proposal. Bharathi soon realizes how famous Parthiban is and slowly falls in love with him after understanding his love towards her.

But society does not accept their love nor does Parthiban’s family and friends. Meanwhile Parthiban writes his next book on Bharathi but Mahadevan is in the panel of the selection committee for the award.

Will Parthiban get this award? Will Bharathi live a peaceful life there on? To get the answers for these questions, catch it in the theatres.

Padmamagan the director has come up with one of the most realistic movies in recent times. The bold subject which he has chosen for his debut film is something to be appreciated and there are many scenes which are suggestive of a genius director in the making.

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The first night scene where Bharathi is unable to demonstrate the coyness and Parthiban asking her to sleep alone for once and when she is unable to do this, he hands her a walkman with a Ilayaraja’s “Nothing but wind” tune, will surely catch you unawares.

Another scene worth mentioning is when the couple goes to a restaurant and an old customer of Bharathi comes at the opportune moment and the ensuing conversation is brilliant. There are of course few immature sequences but the main positive point in the movie is that the story is never melodramatic.

Performance wise Parthiban stands tall in a role which is tailor made for him, He impresses with his underplay and Bharathi is blessed with a role of her life time in her debut venture and even though she has not used it to the fullest potential, she has not wasted it either. Mahadevan has also given a good performance.

Technical aspects in the movie are brilliant, especially the camerawork and music. Cinematography by M.S.Prabhu is very natural, which gives the right feel for the film. Music by Sabesh Murali needs special mention as the duo has given a superlative performance.
The songs heard in the cassette sound very different from what we see them on screen. The feel of the movie is conveyed in the songs and it will be of no surprise if the duo gets an award or two for their work.

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On the whole Ammuvagiya Naan is more like a beautiful novel. It is not slow but everyone will not be able to appreciate this work of art. It is more like a complex poem for elite poets.
After Pallavan, director Padmamagan has come out with Ammuvagiya Naan. A movie on a bold theme narrated in an excellent manner.

Opting to go the K Balachander way, Padmamagan has touched up on a sensitive theme - life of a prostitute. At many places, Padmamagan quite typical to KB, allows the visuals to speak more than the dialogues.

The life and travails of a commercial sex worker has been etched out well. Parthiban, as a writer craving to pen the hardships of such women, has come up with a measured performance. Unlike is earlier movies, where he speak a lot, Parthiban this time has got into the skin of the character and delivered one of his best performance.

Be it anger, sympathy or love and affection, he expresses them with great confidence on screen. Bharathi playing the challenging role of a sex worker in her debut venture is a revelation. She is cool, suave and expressive. Padmamagan can take the credit for introducing an actress, who can not just ooze glamour but also emote and express herself on the screen.

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The film revolves around Ammu (Bharathi), an orphan brought up in a prostitute's house. Brought up in such atmosphere, she develops a fascination for the world's oldest profession. She comes across a writer Parthiban, who comes to her place to pen a novel on the life of a commercial sex worker. Her childlike innocence wins over Parthiban's heart. He decides to marry her.

Parthiban's live and care brings a change in Ammu. She understands the value of family and the bond of togetherness. Parthiban completes his novel Ammuvagya Naan and hopes for a National award for it. But fate pays a cruel act in the form of Mahadevan, president of a literary association. He bargains for a night with Ammu to ensure the national award for Amuvagiya Naan. What happens next forms the climax. M S Prabhu's cinematography and the catchy musical background by Sabesh - Murali adds strength to the movie.

The prostitution house has been caught on a dignified manner in Prabhu's lens while Sabesh - Murali provides the right feel for such a serious film with their musical score.
Padmamagan has rightly lived up to the expectations created by the promos. Ammuvagiya Naan is a short and crisp poem on screen.
Ammuvaaghiya Naan
Cast: R Parthiban, Bharathi, Mahadevan
Direction: Padmamagan
Music: Sabesh Murali
Production: P S Sekar

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kollywood Movie Siva Manasula Sakthi photo gallery | Jeeva photo stills | anuya new pictures | Anuya glamour gallery | Siva Manasula Sakthi Mp3 songs

Latest upcoming movie of jeeva in Siva Manasula Sakthi Photo session and Review

The Movie Siva Manasula Sakthi has Jeeva and debutant Anuya (a student of Pune Film Institute) in the lead roles. Oorvasi, Santhanam and Gnanasambandhan are acting in this film.

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Siva Manasula Sakthi Movie trailer, Siva Manasula Sakthi Movie gallery

The Movie Siva Manasula Sakthi has Jeeva and debutant Anuya (a student of Pune Film Institute) in the lead roles. Oorvasi, Santhanam and Gnanasambandhan are acting in this film.

Rajesh M. will wield the camera and the film Siva Mansula Sakthi will be produced by B. Srinivasan. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music will drift throughout the film Siva Manasula Sakthi. Cinematography is by Sakthi Saravanan.

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The film Siva Manasula Sakthi will be made under the banner of Vikatan Talkies who will be venturing into the filmworld for the first time.

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Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS) is a said to be a thorough entertainer.It has Jeeva and debutant Anuya in the lead roles. Siva Mansula Sakthi will be produced by B. Srinivasan. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music will drift throughout the film Siva Manasula Sakthi. Cinematography is by Sakthi Saravanan.

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The film Siva Manasula Sakthi will be made under the banner of Vikatan Talkies who will be venturing into the filmworld for the first time.

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Siva Manasula Sakthi Movie Photo Stills
Banner: Vikatan TalkiesCast: Jeeva, Anuya, Uravasi, Santhanam
Direction: Rajesh M
Production: B Srinivasan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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Little Super Star Simbhu Latest Movie kettavan Photo gallery and reveiw

Starcast: Lekha, Simbu, Namitha, Santhanam
Director: C.T. Nandu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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Tamil Latest movie kanthasamy photos | kanthasamy stills | kanthaswamy photo gallery | kanthaswamy Pictures | kanthaswamy shreya Pictures

kanthasamy Vikram and Shriya Stills and Movie review
Kanthaswamy is Vikram’s upcoming Tamil movie with Shriya.It is first time Shriya act with Vikram.

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kanthasamy photogallery

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Kanthaswamy will direct Susi Ganesan.Kalaiphuli S Dhanu is the producer of Kanthaswamy.Devi Sri Prasad done the music of Kanthaswamy.Vivek and Santhanam will do other main roles in Kanthaswamy.It is a high budget movie.

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Vikram and Shriya were in Mexico City doing a salsa song for Susi Ganesan directed Kanthasamy. The song is going to be one of the major highlights of this action adventure movie The song Mama Mia…, is tuned by Devi Sri Prasad and picturised on Vikram, Shriya and hundreds of local Mexican dancers .

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Vikram, it seems impressed the local dancers, who were bowled over by his fast movements.

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STARING: Vikram, Shriya, Raghuvaran, Vivek, Santhanam, Vinod Raj, Y G Mahendran, Arun Mathavan, Vinayak, Alex
MUSIC: Devi Sri Prasad
DIRECTOR: Susi Ganesan
PRODUCER: Kalaipuli S Thanu
RELEASE DATE: Expected in May 2008

Innoruvan New Tamil film gallery | Kollywood movie Innoruvan stills | Innoruvan images and pictures | Innoruvan songs free download| kavinaya pictures

Innoruvan Photo session and Review

Innoruvan Movie Photo Gallery

Innoruvan movie was launched on April 5th at the AVM Studios in Chennai. Newfaces Adithya and Kavinaya in the lead roles in Innoruvan movie. Innoruvan movie is produced by Akshaya Multimedia Creations. S.D. Gunasekharan has written the story, screenplay, dialogues of Innoruvan movie. M.S. Bhaskar has sung a song in the Innoruvan film.

Cast: Aditya, Kavinaya, Visu, Manivannan, M.S. Baskar, Kadhal Thandabani, Azhagu, Vincent Rai
Direction: S. D. Gunasekaran